Pool Cleaning Services

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining water quality at Public Swimming Pools, H2O Pro are now offering a Pool Cleaning Service for your backyard pools.

With Spring now here, it is a good time to get that pool in top condition for when the family want to use it. Spring is the time algae starts to rapidly grow and this can easily turn your pool green! It is also when most people suddenly find they have a problem with their pool.

Don’t be caught unprepared and loose precious days when the pool could be used.

H2O Pro Pool Services will come to you and make this job easier by doing a regular clean and water balance which includes:

  • Sweeping the pool surrounds
  • Skim the surface of the pool
  • Brush pool walls and floor
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Backwash the filter if required
  • Test and Balance water (including the addition of chemicals if required)

For a limited time a one off service (including basic chemicals) is just $148.00*. If you sign up for a regular service contract this can be as low as $85.00 per service!

***For the Month of October***

We are offering the first 5 customers to sign up for a 12 month service agreement the special price of just $80.00 per month!

The 12 month service agreement includes a monthly clean between April and November and 2 cleans a month during Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar as well as any chemicals required to keep your water balanced.

Contact us and we will be happy to visit for a no obligation inspection and quotation.

As a Bioguard retailer we can also supply a range of chemicals, cleaning accessories, automatic cleaners, pumps and filters and a wide variety of spare parts. So if you need a new Pool Broom, Leaf Rake, Salt Chlorinator or even a Pump or Filter why not give us a call or e.mail us.

For further information or to book a service, please e.mail us at

E.mail us at                     pools@h2opro.com.au

or contact us by phone on 03 9548 4244.



*Price quoted is for an average pool up to 65,000 litres / 8m x 5m and includes 1.5hrs of service time. Additional charges may apply for pools located outside a 20km radius of Mulgrave (Vic) or Belgrave (Vic). Specials are only available whilst advertised and may be withdrawn or amended at any time.