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Autumn Pool Care

Autumn Pool Care. There is no doubt, Autumn is a beautiful time of year…..not so much for your pool though! Leaves in your pool, if left, can permanently stain the surface, which is expensive to clean.  Leaves can also contribute to your pool going green. So, what are the most effective and basic ways to remove leaves from your pool this autumn? A leaf scoop is still one of the easiest ways to remove leaves Read more…

Kid Swimming Under a Pool

Why do I need to know my pool volume?

Why do I need to know my pool volume? Came across this awesome article from our partners at Bioguard.  Check it out, I think it’s very important to know if you don’t already. You’ll notice that all your pool chemical dosage rates are based on how many litres are in your pool. But why is it important to know your pool’s volume? The size of your pool will determine how long you need to run Read more…

winterise your pool

Winterise your pool

WINTERISE YOUR POOL! This week Winter hit Melbourne and boy was it cold! Whilst it is tempting to just put the cover on the pool and forget about it until summer returns, a little bit of work now will save you time and money when spring and summer return. For advice on how to “winterise” your pool why not drop into our shop for a chat and to pick up any required chemicals – Don’t Read more…