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Look Familiar??
After our Treatment!

Why not let H2O Pro Pool Services look after the pool  all year round so you know it will be ready for use as soon as the weather improves?

Regular servicing not only keeps the pool looking good, but also reduces maintenance, protects your equipment and saves on running costs in the long term.

On a $ for $ basis it is cheaper to pay for a monthly service and have the pool maintained year round rather than paying for a “green pool treatment” and having the pool out of action for weeks during the summer.

H2O Pro Pool Services will come to you and make this job easier by doing a regular clean and water balance which includes:

  • Skim the surface of the pool
  • Brush pool walls and floor
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Empty the skimmer and pump basket
  • Backwash the filter or clean the cartridge if required
  • Test and Balance water (including the addition of chemicals if required)
  • A full written report detailing what we have done and what chemicals were added

Our ONE OFF SERVICE (including basic chemicals) is just $315.00* or a regular service (Budget Package) can be as low as $165.00 per month AND there is no extra cost for chemicals we use! 

Need an extra visit during the month? We offer our regular clients a second visit any month for just $148.00 per visit, Or why not sign up for our STANDARD PACKAGE and get 15 visits per annum (once a month with a second visit each month during summer) for just $185.00 per month AND this includes the cost of all chemicals we use during the visit!                       

Maybe you are just looking for a  ONE OFF “ON SITE” WATER TEST by one of our experienced technicians? We will come to your pool, do the test and add any required chemicals for just $110.00*.

Pool already gone “green”? Take advantage of our “green pool package” for just $1,250.00 $985.00 (Off Peak Pricing).

Package includes:

  • As many visits as required to treat the “green pool” 
  • Treatment includes brushing all pool surfaces, addition of “Shock” treatment and algaecide.  Repeat visits to vacuum the dead algae, undertake water tests and add chemicals to balance the water
  •  Further visits if required to again brush pool, vacuum and re-dose chemicals
  • All chemicals are supplied within the quoted fixed price 

Did you know that a green pool can take up to 15hrs of cleaning time to rectify and require over $200.00 of chemicals? Wouldn’t it be more logical to have a regular cleaning contract which will prevent the pool going green in the first instance, saving you money in the long run and ensuring the pool is ready for use when you want it?

Contact us and we will be happy to visit for a FREE no obligation inspection and quotation.

Summary of prices which ALL INCLUDE CHEMICALS:

  • One Off pool clean and service – $315.00
  • Budget Package Annual Contract including monthly visits AND all chemicals – $165.00 per month
  • Standard Package – Annual Contract including 15 visits (once a month and 2 visits per month in summer Dec, Jan, Feb) AND all chemicals – $185.00 per month
  • “On Site Water Test” – $110.00 (includes chemicals to “balance” the water. Salt and sanitiser charged at RRP)
  • “Green Pool Package” $1,250.00 $985.00 (Off Peak)

*Prices quoted are for an average Salt Chlorinated pool up to 45,000 litres / 6m x 5m and includes 1.5hrs of service time per month. Pools with Cartridge Filters will incur an additional charge of $22.00 per month. Included chemicals for a “One Off” and “On Site Water Test” does not include pool salt which will be charged at our normal retail price. Additional charges may apply for pools located outside a 15km radius of Mulgrave (Vic) or Belgrave (Vic). Specials are only available whilst advertised and may be withdrawn or amended at any time.

All Servicing is subject to our Standard Service Agreement Terms and Conditions.