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AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANERS. – Suction and robotic types.

Need an Automatic Pool Cleaner to take some of the headaches out of keeping the pool clean?

No matter what the season is, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning the pool.  Leaves left to rot on the bottom of the pool can cause stains and lead to algae growth (green pools).  So what can you do?

An automatic pool cleaner will help rid the pool of leaves saving you time and effort, but which type is best?

Suction Cleaners

Most suction cleaners are connected to the skimmer box by a hose. They rely on the pool pump to power them.  These cleaners suck the muck off the bottom of the pool directly to the skimmer box.

Suction cleaners are usually either wheeled, (such as the Hayward “Aquanaut 250” , or pulsating (such as the Acrobat GT).

Suction cleaners should only be run for 3 to 4 days a week.  When these are running, the skimmer box isn’t doing it’s main job of collecting the debris from the surface of the water.

You can also add an “inline” leaf catcher to the suction hose, which collects leaves before they clog the skimmer basket.

Robotic Cleaners

These cleaners are generally more expensive than the suction cleaner, but they operate autonomously from the skimmer box.  This lets the skimmer take the debris from the surface of the pool whilst the vac collects the stuff from the bottom and walls.

Electrically powered Robotic cleaners have an internal bag or basket.

Need more information or want to organise a trial? Contact H2O Pro Pool Services on 03 9548 4244.

We also offer a “hire service” where you can hire the Hayward Aquanaut 250 suction cleaner for just $85.00 or the ROBO TEK “Robo Plus cleaner for just $120.00, for the weekend.

*Conditions apply – contact us on 03 9548 4244 for details