Why should you choose H20 Pro Pool Services?

We have over 35 years experience in the aquatic & recreation industry!


With over 35 years in the aquatic & recreation industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and always endeavour to go above and beyond.


Our team are reliable and friendly.


Technical support is only a phone call away. We also have a Pool Supplies Shop, were you can come in have a FREE water test done and purchase items you may need.

Summer has finally gone and AUTUMN is now here. This means its time for the leaves to be dropping and filling the pool with muck.

Whilst the pool isn’t being used as much, it’s important to keep it clean so as to prevent damage to skimmer baskets, pumps and filters and to reduce chemical and running costs.

Take advantage of our Autumn specials (see the “Pool Supplies” link on our website) which include many run out items and GREAT discounts on a limited number of Robo Plus Pool Cleaners!

This is also the time to think about upgrading any equipment such as pumps, filters (including sand filter media changes) and chlorinators. Don’t wait until the start of next summer when everyone is busy and you can’t get a service technician!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our regular e.mail specials and take advantage of savings up to 50% off RRP on some products!

For further information or to book a service, please e.mail us at pools@h2opro.com.au  or contact us by phone on 03 9548 4244.

Our Partners

As a BioGuard and Hayward retailer we can also supply a range of chemicals, cleaning accessories, automatic cleaners, pumps and filters and a wide variety of spare parts. So if you need a new Pool Broom, Leaf Rake, Salt Chlorinator or even a Pump or Filter why not give us a call or e.mail us.

What we can’t source from BioGuard or Hayward we can usually get through our other suppliers including Aussie Gold and Pool Pro.