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Activated Filter Media (AFM® ng) – Grade 2 Medium


Dryden Activated Filter Media for crystal clear pool water. AFM ng 30% better than standard AFM!


AFM® ng – Grade 2 Medium 1-2mm

For when you want the best in filter media.

  • AFM has undergone a patented three-step chemical activation process
  • AFM has up to 300 times more surface area than sand
  • AFM is fully biofilm resistant and self sterilising
  • The AFM process eliminates shards so, unlike other crushed glass media, it will not cut handlers
  • AFM can trap 30% more organic substances
  • With AFM there is no home for bacteria, viruses or other pathogens which can be harmful to swimmers

So if you want something that is easy to handle, gives you the healthiest water, as well as reducing backwash times thus saving you water, then choose Dryden Aqua AFM for your media filter.

For technical information see the following link:   AFM Brochure


Bag Size – 21kg

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 53 × 41 × 20 cm

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