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Pools and Flooding

The recent heavy rains & your pool....what to do?
pools and flooding

Pools and Flooding.

So we have had some rain in the past few days. As a pool owner there are a few things to do to ensure your pool remains in tip top condition and doesn’t cost you heaps of money.


Water Level

First thing is to ensure the correct water level is maintained. Ideally the water level should be at least half way up the skimmer box, but we are noticing many pools where the water is over the top of the skimmer box entrance.

This means that floating debris is no longer entering the skimmer box and not being filtered out of the pool. If this is the case for you, then consider draining some of the excess water. (If you have a sand / media filter, this is a great opportunity to give the filter a really backwash prior to summer!)


With the rain comes runoff. Both the rain carrying pollens, dirt and nitrogen as well as water run off can introduce phosphates into your pool water. If unchecked these provide a good source of food for any algae blooms.

To remove phosphates we recommend the use of BioGuard Phos Kill


Prevent and Kill Algae

Ideally we want to prevent and kill any algae before it turns your pool green. Even if it is not visible, algae blooms can be present in the water. We therefore recommend regular maintenance dosing of BioGuard Algiguard which is an algaecide that quickly kills any algae in the water.

Clear up Cloudy Pools

So the water has now gone a bit cloudy. Firstly make sure you do a water test and ensure the Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and Calcium are all in the correct range. Next try a clarifier which will help to bind the small particles together and allow the filter to remove them from the pool. We recommend a BioGuard Super Clear Clarifying Tablet or for real cloudy pools, try BioGuard Polysheen Plus



Flocculants for really stubborn pools

For a really cloudy pool which won’t respond to a clarifier, then try a flocculant such as BioGuard Power Flo Maxi. Flocculants bind small particles and then drop them to the bottom where they need to be vacuumed, preferably “to waste”

All of the above mentioned products can be found in our “On Line Store” or drop into our shop for a free water test and pick up any required chemicals.